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Ohh LA LA❤️ - When, Where, What... St. Tropez, Paris, Courchevel develish details for Food Fun Fashion


But, Quelle Saison??? (when should we go..)?

We gave you our TOP 3 locations in our last segment, now lets get you educated on the nitty-gritty details for the most FABULOUS of a time especially tailored pour VOUS!: Let's begin our Seductive Sojourn from St. Tropez to Paris to Courchevel** but not in that order :)

Cou Cou (hello), mes amis! We're about to embark on a satisfying journey that's as hot as the romance of a French kiss. From sun-soaked St. Tropez to the chic streets of Paris and the snowy elegance of Courchevel, get ready to unleash your inner seductress as we explore the sexier side of everything French. And oh, don't you worry – we've got your game plan to hit each spot at its steamiest time of year. So fasten your seat belts – this is going to be one irresistible ride!

**St. Tropez: When The Sizzle meets the Sunkissed Sands**

Who's ready for the Mediterranean sun, the Cool Cocktals & the warm breeze caressing your skin like a secret lover's touch? We say "OUI" to St. Tropez, the ultimate playground of the glamorous where she comes alive like no other from May to September. Ready, set GO with that barely-there bikini flaunting your curves with confidence, because the beach is your personal catwalk. Embrace the fervor pitch of St. Tropez's sizzling nightlife, where cocktails flow like desire and the dance floor ignites with electric energy from top to bottom. Whether you're partying on a private yacht or sipping Luxe champagne at a beachfront club, this is your time to shine under the scorching sun and starry nights.

**Paris: Where Passion Meets the Parisian Pavement**

Ah bien, Paris, the city of lights and love – could it get any sexier? To experience the true pulse of Paris, plan your escape between April and June or September and October. As the city blooms with springtime romance or dons its golden autumn cloak, you'll find yourself caught in a whirlwind of passion and style. Strut down the Seine like a supermodel, letting your trench coat reveal just enough to keep hearts racing. Indulge in late-night strolls along the Champs-Élysées, hand in hand with your paramour, while the Eiffel Tower stands tall, a silent witness to your undeniable chemistry. And remember, a rendezvous in Paris isn't complete without a midnight tryst at a charming Montmartre bistro.

**Courchevel: Skiing the Slopes of Romance**

When winter calls, and your cravings lean toward the exhilarating chill of the snow, Courchevel is your aphrodisiac. Arrive between December and February for a rendezvous with the snow-capped peaks and luxurious lodges. Skiing down the slopes becomes a dance of desire, as you conquer the mountains with confidence and flair. Imagine wrapping yourself in opulent furs, the crisp air tickling your senses as you sip on develishly delicious après-ski cocktails with a large hint of mischief. Candlelit chalet dinners and crackling fireplaces set the stage while the starlit sky casts its sensual spell upon you for all time.


Qu'est ce qu'on mange? (what shall we eat...)?

Fear not we've got you covered to satisfy any Hunger or Thirst you might have worked up on this ADVENTURE. Let's revisit each of our TOP 3 now in our favourite cocktail dress "dripped" in luxurious jewels feeling on top of the world, because we are. 

A Gastronomic Odyssey: Romance and Culinary Splendor from St. Tropez to Paris to Courchevel**

Bonjour, mes connoisseurs of indulgence! Our journey through the sensual wonders of France continues, as we dive into a realm where seduction isn't just confined to whispers and glances – it's delicious, plated and served with Michelin Stars. From St. Tropez to Paris and the snowy intimacy of Courchevel, prepare for a culinary affair that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for more. And, of course, we've curated the crème de la crème of Michelin-starred romance for each destination, complete with their most coveted dishes and the perfect bottle of wine to ignite your senses.

**St. Tropez: L'Opéra Restaurant**

Amid the sun-kissed glamour of St. Tropez, L'Opéra Restaurant casts its spell on those seeking a blend of exquisite flavors and breathtaking views *and one hell of a party! Picture this: your dining al fresco overlooking the azure sultry Mediterranean, the sea breeze carrying the promise of an unforgettable night. Order the Lobster Medallions (avec) Truffle Emulsion – a dish as decadent and alluring as the entire French Riviera itself. And to complement this culinary masterpiece, let the champagne flow and flow with a MAGNUM bottle of Dom Pérignon Brut Rosé. With every sip, you'll feel the effervescence of growing passion in a symphony of exquisite taste and exciting desire.(we promise you)! Time to practice your French again.. N'est pas! :)

**Paris: Le Jules Verne**

Elevate a romantic escapade in Paris to new heights – 125 meters above the earth to be exact – at Le Jules Verne, perched within the Eiffel Tower itself. As the city of love sprawls beneath you, indulge in the Roasted Pigeon from Racan, perfectly capturing the essence of French gastronomy. The flavors dance on your palate, a harmonious ballet of tenderness and succulence. To enhance this culinary reverie, pair your dish with a bottle of Château Margaux 2015, a wine that speaks of elegance and refinement. As you sip, you'll immediately feel the romance of Paris enveloping you like a soft embrace, a moment frozen in time. This night is just beginning...

**Courchevel: Le 1947**

Nestled in the snowy landscapes of Courchevel, where passion takes on a frosty edge, Le 1947 beckons with its three Michelin stars (WOW) and an experience that's nothing short of spellbinding. Delve into the renowned Blue Lobster with Curry and Coconut Milk, a dish that juxtaposes the warmth of exotic spices against the cool embrace of the mountains. As you savor each bite, let the flavors transport you to a world where desire mingles with the snowflakes. To accompany this masterpiece, opt for a bottle of Château d'Yquem Sauternes – a lusciously sweet wine that complements the dish's complexities, leaving a lingering taste of indulgence on your lips. BOOK your reservation now! OR cry later.. you have been warned. :)

et VOILA!: A Symphony of Romance and Flavor**

In the world of indulgence and seduction, where each bite and sip carries the essence of desire, each destination unveils their most tantalizing secrets in Michelin-starred dining fashion. From the sensuous Lobster Medallions to the passionate Roasted Pigeon and the enchanting Blue Lobster, every dish ignites a symphony of emotions that resonates with the beauty of these destinations. And as the wine flows, from Dom Pérignon to Château Margaux and Château d'Yquem, you'll find yourself immersed in a world where romance and culinary mastery entwine, creating an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary. À votre santé et à l'amour!


France unveils its sexiest side only to those willing to succumb to its charms. From bronzed bodies on golden beaches to stolen kisses under the twinkling Eiffel Tower. Vous etes pret??? Either way, prepare to surrender to France's sexiest destinations (our favourites..) one by one, each offering its own unique flavour and sensuality – this is the French art of seduction, and you're the star of the show. À votre santé!

*BISOUS❤️x3...ahhhh le troisieme, c'est le BEST :)

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