SPEAK FRENCH or DIE❤️‍🔥 *an embarrassing slow death of shame or, HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! ...

SPEAK FRENCH or DIE❤️‍🔥 *an embarrassing slow death of shame or, HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! ...

SUJET: 🥖🇫🇷 **Embrace the Chic: Parlez-vous Français or Nah?** 🇫🇷🥖

Time to have a sit down chat about the DO's -- to enhance dramatically your Visit, your Stay, your Relationships .

Now let's LEAN INTO what will get you EVERYTHING YOU WANT on your next trip *(which may turn into years... overseas) ❤️‍🔥 TRUST US...

ALLEZ - Let's go!!!
Alright, we're about to dive into the *crème de la crème* of travel advice based on our proven experiences. But hold up – before you pack your bags and don your Amazon beret, there's something you need to know: speaking French in France isn't just a skill, it's a whole vibe, and you surely don't want to miss out!

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – the American who couldn't be bothered to utter a single "bonjour." We've all encountered he, her, them, haven't we? Those who approach the land of baguette and Bordeaux armed with nothing more than English and a self-assured smile. But alas, as they confidently order a "large coffee," they're met with raised eyebrows and the unmistakable *sigh* of a local who's seen this show a hundred times before. Sacré bleu, putain maerde! Can we all agree that this is not the energy we want to bring to the City of LOVE? *Much less the Riviera!

Why, you ask? Well, mes amis, let us tell you how the doors quite suddenly swing WIDE f*cking OPEN when you simply attempt to utter a few simple sentences in their native tongue. Suddenly, you're not just a tourist; you're an adventurer, a linguistic trailblazer, you're interesting, you're sexy, you're a human being. The barista at the corner café isn't just serving you coffee; they're sharing a piece of paper with their # on it ;)  with someone who respects and embraces their culture:). And when you ask for directions with a "Parlez-vous anglais?" followed by a "S'il vous plaît," you're not just getting to your destination, you're leaving behind a trail of appreciation and goodwill that will follow and ELEVATE every single experience, you're working on World Relations! *thank god! 

But wait, there's more! Let's talk about how your heart will swell when you order a *croissant aux amandes*, "un pression" o un petite BISOUS❤️‍🔥 with your newfound French prowess. Ca marche tres bien!  The sense of accomplishment when you successfully navigate the Metro, armed with just a few essential phrases, is immeasurable. And let's not forget the sheer luck (in everything) that will follow you like a faithful HALO – locals may just unveil hidden gems, secret spots even sacred wines :0 that are reserved only for those who have the knowledge & make the effort. .Ooh LaLa "C'est vrai"!

So, here's the bottom line: don't be that American! Step up, step in and embrace the language and culture of the people and the places you visit. The next time you're sipping espresso at a quaint bistro, conversing with locals like you're old pals, you'll realize – speaking French isn't just a travel tip; it's the golden ticket to an experience that's richer, deeper, and undeniably more *fabuleux*.

Au revoir, awkward silences – bonjour, confidence and connection! 🥐🥖💬


Let's do this!!! - "En Francais" Here's our list of essential French "key" words and phrases that'll open doors and sweep em' off their feet! -- GOOD LUCK

1. Bonjour! - Hello!
2. Merci - Thank you
3. S'il vous plaît - Please (Remember, politeness goes a long way!)
4. Excusez-moi - Excuse me
5. Oui - Yes (Because sometimes, all you need is a little agreement.)
6. Non - No (For those moments when you need to assert yourself like a true French icon.)
7. Parlez-vous anglais ? - Do you speak English? (Just in case you get lost in translation!)
8. Je ne parle pas français - I don't speak French (A diplomatic way to admit your linguistic limitations.)
9. Au revoir - Goodbye (Don't worry, we'll meet again in your heart.)
10. S'il te plaît - Please (A casual way to charm the locals.)
11. Je t'aime - I love you (Use it wisely, my friends. Love is a powerful force.)
12. Comment ça va ? - How are you? (Show your concern for the French hearts you encounter.)
13. Je suis perdu(e) - I am lost (No shame in admitting it, we'll find your way together.)
14. L'addition, s'il vous plaît - The bill, please (After all, indulging in French cuisine can leave a mark on your heart... and wallet.)
15. Toilettes - Restrooms (An essential word for the call of nature!)
16. Un café, s'il vous plaît - A coffee, please (Fuel up for your French adventures.)
17. Excusez mon français - Excuse my French (A clever way to blame your linguistic stumbles on the language itself.)
18. Parlez lentement, s'il vous plaît - Speak slowly, please (Speedy French can be overwhelming!)
19. Je ne comprends pas - I don't understand (Useful for when the French conversation gets too fancy.)
20. Très bien - Very good (Reward yourself with this phrase after your first successful French exchange!)
21. C'est délicieux ! - It's delicious! (Show your appreciation for the scrumptious French delicacies.)
22. Combien ça coûte ? - How much does it cost? (Be ready to haggle with style!)
23. J'ai besoin d'aide - I need help (The French chivalry shall come to your rescue.)
24. C'est magnifique ! - It's magnificent! (Let France know how marvelous it truly is.)
25. Quelle heure est-il ? - What time is it? (Time flies when you're having fun in France.)
26. Je suis désolé(e) - I'm sorry (In case you accidentally step on someone's toes – literally or figuratively!)
27. Pas de soucis - No worries (A laid-back French attitude to adopt!)
28. Je voudrais un croissant - I would like a croissant (Indulge in French pastries like a true connoisseur.)
29. C'est incroyable ! - It's incredible! (For those moments that leave you speechless.)
30. Pouvez-vous prendre une photo de moi ? - Can you take a photo of me? (Capture those fabulous French memories!)
31. C'est cher ! - It's expensive! (A well-timed phrase for budget-conscious travelers.)
32. Ça roule - It's rolling (A cool way to say "everything's fine" – French style.)
33. Où est... ? - Where is...? (Navigate the streets of France like a pro.)
34. Je suis émerveillé(e) - I'm amazed (Get ready to be in awe of France's beauty.)
35. C'est fantastique ! - It's fantastic! (Embrace the French flair for drama and flair.)
36. Avez-vous du vin ? - Do you have wine? (Because, bien sûr, wine is a love affair on its own.)
37. Quel est ton nom ? - What is your name? (Get ready to make French friends and practice those pickup lines.)
38. C'est génial ! - It's awesome! (Be sure to use this liberally during your travels.)
39. Je ne sais pas - I don't know (For those moments when even the French can't help you.)
40. J'ai soif - I'm thirsty (Time to quench your thirst with French wine or water!)
41. C'est la vie - That's life (Embrace the French philosophy of taking it as it comes.)
42. Je suis épuisé(e) - I'm exhausted (After all those romantic walks in Paris, who wouldn't be?)
43. C'est pas grave - It doesn't matter (Because sometimes, life's little hiccups are part of the adventure.)
44. Je suis prêt(e) - I'm ready (Ready to fall in love with France!)
45. Je suis amoureux/amoureuse de la France - I'm in love with France (No surprise there!)
46. Aidez-moi - Help me (For those moments when you need a hero.)
47. C'est trop drôle ! - It's too funny! (Because laughter is the universal language of joy.)
48. Je suis enchanté(e) - I'm delighted (Get ready to be charmed by France's allure.)
49. C'est dingue ! - It's crazy! (For the moments that leave you wide-eyed in awe.)
50. C'est triste - It's sad (Not everything can be sunshine and croissants.)
51. Pas mal - Not bad (A modest way to appreciate something in France.)
52. À bientôt - See you soon (Because we know you'll be back!)
53. Je suis accro au fromage - I'm addicted to cheese (Welcome to the cheese lover's paradise!)
54. C'est mignon - It's cute (Prepare to see many adorable things in France.)
55. C'est trop mignon - It's too cute (Because cute overload is a genuine French hazard.)
56. Je suis émerveillé(e) - I'm in awe (Prepare to be enchanted at every corner.)
57. C'est impressionnant - It's impressive (Show your admiration for France's cultural treasures.)
58. Je n'en reviens pas - I can't believe it (For those moments that defy belief.)
59. C'est parti - Let's go (Embrace the adventure with open arms!)
60. Je suis heureux/heureuse - I'm happy (And we're happy to have you here!)
61. C'est une catastrophe ! - It's a disaster! (When things don't quite go as planned.)
62. Je suis au paradis - I'm in paradise (Because France has a way of making you feel like you're in a dream.)
63. C'est la folie - It's madness (In the best possible way!)
64. On y va ! - Let's go! (Because France awaits your exploration.)
65. Je suis captivé(e) - I'm captivated (Get ready to be under France's spell.)

We'll we hope we haven't overloaded the system too much here! Go old school make flash cards, print this list and have a friend or friend(s) test you while watching Emilie in Paris before your departure. *we know you are watching that show* because we are too! It's cute and interestingly it's pretty darn on queue with many of its idiosyncrasies *and our Parisian counterparts agree whole heartedly!

We've got MORE for you MUCH MUCH more but this is your homework. We want you to memorize these key phrases *not all but most and watch your conversation, interest and intrigue BLOOM like you've never imagined!

Bonne Chance nos amis! -- Stick with it, you won't regret it!

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