SPEAK FRENCH or DIE an Embarrassing SLOW DEATH of Shame or Having the Time of Your Life.

SPEAK FRENCH or DIE an Embarrassing SLOW DEATH of Shame or Having the Time of Your Life.

🥖🇫🇷 Embracing the Chic in you. Parlez-vous Français or Nah.🇫🇷🥖

Time to have a sit down chat about the DO's -- to enhance dramatically your Visit, your Stay, your Relationships .

Now let's LEAN INTO what will get you EVERYTHING YOU WANT on your next trip *(which may turn into years... overseas) ❤️‍🔥 TRUST US...

Alright, we're about to dive into the *crème de la crème* of travel advice based on our proven experiences. But hold up – before you pack your bags and don your Amazon beret, there's something you need to know: speaking French in France isn't just a skill, it's a whole vibe, and you surely don't want to miss out!

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – the American who couldn't be bothered to utter a single "bonjour." We've all encountered he, her, them, haven't we? Those who approach the land of baguette and Bordeaux armed with nothing more than English and a self-assured smile. But alas, as they confidently order a "large coffee," they're met with raised eyebrows and the unmistakable *sigh* of a local who's seen this show a hundred times before. Sacré bleu, putain maerde! Can we all agree that this is not the energy we want to bring to the City of LOVE? *Much less the Riviera!

Why, you ask? Well, mes amis, let us tell you how the doors quite suddenly swing WIDE FU*CKING OPEN  // when you simply attempt to utter a few simple sentences in their native tongue. Suddenly, you're not just a tourist; you're an adventurer, a linguistic trailblazer, you're interesting, you're sexy, you're a human being. The barista at the corner café isn't just serving you coffee; they're sharing a piece of paper with their # on it ;)  with someone who respects and embraces their culture:). And when you ask for directions with a "Parlez-vous anglais?" followed by a "S'il vous plaît," you're not just getting to your destination, you're leaving behind a trail of appreciation and goodwill that will follow and ELEVATE every single experience, you're working on World Relations! *thank god! 

But wait, there's more! Let's talk about how your heart will swell when you order a *croissant aux amandes*, "un pression" o un petite BISOUS❤️‍🔥 with your newfound French prowess. Ca marche tres bien!  The sense of accomplishment when you successfully navigate the Metro, armed with just a few essential phrases, is immeasurable. And let's not forget the sheer luck (in everything) that will follow you like a faithful HALO – locals may just unveil hidden gems, secret spots even sacred wines :0 that are reserved only for those who have the knowledge & make the effort. .Ooh LaLa "C'est vrai"!

So, here's the bottom line: don't be that American! Step up, step in and embrace the language and culture of the people and the places you visit. The next time you're sipping espresso at a quaint bistro, conversing with locals like you're old pals, you'll realize – speaking French isn't just a travel tip; it's the golden ticket to an experience that's richer, deeper, and undeniably more *fabuleux*.

Au revoir, awkward silences – bonjour, confidence and connection! 🥐🥖💬


Let's do this!!! - "En Francais" Here's our list of essential French "key" words and phrases that'll open doors and sweep em' off their feet! -- GOOD LUCK

1. Bonjour! - Hello!
2. Merci - Thank you
3. S'il vous plaît - Please (Remember, politeness goes a long way!)
4. Excusez-moi - Excuse me
5. Oui - Yes (Because sometimes, all you need is a little agreement.)
6. Non - No (For those moments when you need to assert yourself like a true French icon.)
7. Parlez-vous anglais ? - Do you speak English? (Just in case you get lost in translation!)
8. Je ne parle pas français - I don't speak French (A diplomatic way to admit your linguistic limitations.)
9. Au revoir - Goodbye (Don't worry, we'll meet again in your heart.)
10. S'il te plaît - Please (A casual way to charm the locals.)
11. Je t'aime - I love you (Use it wisely, my friends. Love is a powerful force.)
12. Comment ça va ? - How are you? (Show your concern for the French hearts you encounter.)
13. Je suis perdu(e) - I am lost (No shame in admitting it, we'll find your way together.)
14. L'addition, s'il vous plaît - The bill, please (After all, indulging in French cuisine can leave a mark on your heart... and wallet.)
15. Toilettes - Restrooms (An essential word for the call of nature!)
16. Un café, s'il vous plaît - A coffee, please (Fuel up for your French adventures.)
17. Excusez mon français - Excuse my French (A clever way to blame your linguistic stumbles on the language itself.)
18. Parlez lentement, s'il vous plaît - Speak slowly, please (Speedy French can be overwhelming!)
19. Je ne comprends pas - I don't understand (Useful for when the French conversation gets too fancy.)
20. Très bien - Very good (Reward yourself with this phrase after your first successful French exchange!)
21. C'est délicieux ! - It's delicious! (Show your appreciation for the scrumptious French delicacies.)
22. Combien ça coûte ? - How much does it cost? (Be ready to haggle with style!)
23. J'ai besoin d'aide - I need help (The French chivalry shall come to your rescue.)
24. C'est magnifique ! - It's magnificent! (Let France know how marvelous it truly is.)
25. Quelle heure est-il ? - What time is it? (Time flies when you're having fun in France.)
26. Je suis désolé(e) - I'm sorry (In case you accidentally step on someone's toes – literally or figuratively!)
27. Pas de soucis - No worries (A laid-back French attitude to adopt!)
28. Je voudrais un croissant - I would like a croissant (Indulge in French pastries like a true connoisseur.)
29. C'est incroyable ! - It's incredible! (For those moments that leave you speechless.)
30. Pouvez-vous prendre une photo de moi ? - Can you take a photo of me? (Capture those fabulous French memories!)
31. C'est cher ! - It's expensive! (A well-timed phrase for budget-conscious travelers.)
32. Ça roule - It's rolling (A cool way to say "everything's fine" – French style.)
33. Où est... ? - Where is...? (Navigate the streets of France like a pro.)
34. Je suis émerveillé(e) - I'm amazed (Get ready to be in awe of France's beauty.)
35. C'est fantastique ! - It's fantastic! (Embrace the French flair for drama and flair.)
36. Avez-vous du vin ? - Do you have wine? (Because, bien sûr, wine is a love affair on its own.)
37. Quel est ton nom ? - What is your name? (Get ready to make French friends and practice those pickup lines.)
38. C'est génial ! - It's awesome! (Be sure to use this liberally during your travels.)
39. Je ne sais pas - I don't know (For those moments when even the French can't help you.)
40. J'ai soif - I'm thirsty (Time to quench your thirst with French wine or water!)
41. C'est la vie - That's life (Embrace the French philosophy of taking it as it comes.)
42. Je suis épuisé(e) - I'm exhausted (After all those romantic walks in Paris, who wouldn't be?)
43. C'est pas grave - It doesn't matter (Because sometimes, life's little hiccups are part of the adventure.)
44. Je suis prêt(e) - I'm ready (Ready to fall in love with France!)
45. Je suis amoureux/amoureuse de la France - I'm in love with France (No surprise there!)
46. Aidez-moi - Help me (For those moments when you need a hero.)
47. C'est trop drôle ! - It's too funny! (Because laughter is the universal language of joy.)
48. Je suis enchanté(e) - I'm delighted (Get ready to be charmed by France's allure.)
49. C'est dingue ! - It's crazy! (For the moments that leave you wide-eyed in awe.)
50. C'est triste - It's sad (Not everything can be sunshine and croissants.)
51. Pas mal - Not bad (A modest way to appreciate something in France.)
52. À bientôt - See you soon (Because we know you'll be back!)
53. Je suis accro au fromage - I'm addicted to cheese (Welcome to the cheese lover's paradise!)
54. C'est mignon - It's cute (Prepare to see many adorable things in France.)
55. C'est trop mignon - It's too cute (Because cute overload is a genuine French hazard.)
56. Je suis émerveillé(e) - I'm in awe (Prepare to be enchanted at every corner.)
57. C'est impressionnant - It's impressive (Show your admiration for France's cultural treasures.)
58. Je n'en reviens pas - I can't believe it (For those moments that defy belief.)
59. C'est parti - Let's go (Embrace the adventure with open arms!)
60. Je suis heureux/heureuse - I'm happy (And we're happy to have you here!)
61. C'est une catastrophe ! - It's a disaster! (When things don't quite go as planned.)
62. Je suis au paradis - I'm in paradise (Because France has a way of making you feel like you're in a dream.)
63. C'est la folie - It's madness (In the best possible way!)
64. On y va ! - Let's go! (Because France awaits your exploration.)
65. Je suis captivé(e) - I'm captivated (Get ready to be under France's spell.)

We'll we hope we haven't overloaded the system too much here! Go old school make flash cards, print this list and have a friend or friend(s) test you while watching Emilie in Paris before your departure. *we know you are watching that show* because we are too! It's cute and interestingly it's pretty darn on queue with many of its idiosyncrasies *and our Parisian counterparts agree whole heartedly!

We've got MORE for you MUCH MUCH more but this is your homework. We want you to memorize these key phrases *not all but most and watch your conversation, interest and intrigue BLOOM like you've never imagined!

Bonne Chance nos amis! -- Stick with it, you won't regret it!

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