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LOVERS... of La France!

Lovers of everything French Culture, Fashion, Art & Travel. 🇫🇷 It is this deep connection & Passion that has INSPIRED us to create this sensual collection to be enjoyed flaunted and held close to the heart.

Introducing FrenchKissPopArt a captivating collection of vintage and modern styled French POP ART, Graphics, Photography and Fabulous accessories inspired by our real world travels and experiences that will transport you to an era of Couture, Fashion, Glamour and undeniable Beauty just as you will find it, touch it and FEEL it throughout your travels with us.

The ultimate journey through the most captivating and of courses sexiest regions of France, each piece is designed to immerse you in the alluring atmosphere of the country's most seductive destinations from "the city of lights" PARIS down to the lavish warm coast of the Cote d'AZUR.

The sun-kissed beaches of St.Tropez  Nice AntibesCannes and the French Riviera where vibrant colors capture the essence of sophistication, luxury and elegance. Feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sun in our textures and the "joie de vivre" of French culture in each piece of the French Kiss Pop Art collection.

Rise into a stratospheric, exclusive & luxurious Ski Destination resort of Courchevel, nestled amidst the mighty & majestic French Alps. Dream BIG in this the world's most exclusive alpine resort amidst the grandeur of this winter wonderland and the ultra luxurious Chalets, Michelin Restaurants et bien sure l'après-ski culture that defines this world famous glamorous alpine retreat.

OUR MISSION >>> "Take you there"

Each French Kiss piece serves as a vibrant reflection souvenir of intimate experiences in this wonderful sensual and delicious country that is La France.

French Kiss Pop Art is a family history of art driven snapshots at the essence of France's romantic allure, its vibrant culture, and its rich tapestry of experiences. Each element conveys the emotions and memories intertwined with our living inside the fabulous French culture. Passion, mystery, sensuality and elegance are meant to mirror this magnificent lifestyle that has influenced and shaped our perspective at every intimate level to this day.

These are the memories infused with wine, conversation and enchanting fragrances of fresh snow, rainy streets and lovely perfumed & suntanned bodies. Of freshly baked pastries, of salt air and warm evening walks sur le port a St. TROPEZ, of snow filled mountain sunrises a COURCHEVEL, cobblestone in Paris and of cool refreshing surf in the Atlantic waves of Biarritz. All an everlasting symphony of laughter & clinking glasses of lively spirited soirées & late nights romance.

A testament to life connections forged, lessons learned, and personal growth unfolded throughout our journey.

We personally invite everyone to immerse themselves in the experiences that have left an indelible mark on our life expression. We seek to evoke, ignite and encourage travel and LIFE celebration, to reflect on each owns unique life experiences and those we've met along the way. This is an invitation to celebrate the transformative power of travel, cultural immersion, and the profound influence that living in France and abroad in any foreign culture can do to shape ones internal voice and external expression. 

From all of us: "Nous vous Merci La France!" (Thank you La France..)❤️

Please enjoy, make yourself at home. There is Wine and Pastis in the cupboard. Comme chez vous!

Sincerely yours,




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